The Weaver


Secretary:  Dr Adrian Webb, 19 Kirke Grove, Taunton, Somerset, UK. TA2 8SB

The Webb One Name Register was established in 1984 to bring together people who are researching the WEBB surname (and variants) all over the world.  As a member, you will have access to the collection of pedigrees, correspondence, family records, memorial inscriptions, parish registers, etc. sent in by researchers over more than three decades.  Hundreds of researchers have deposited their family trees with us and all of this information is indexed on computer.  We rely on members' subscriptions to keep us going and enable us to share information on the numerous WEBB families we have documented - some going back 800 years.

Our website was launched in 1998 and some references for English and Welsh counties can be viewed here, while members have access to the full index.  Members may also request copies of any of the records held by our archivist.

As a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies, we are always looking to increase the records available and, to this end, researchers are encouraged to submit details of their WEBB ancestry.

The Register is run by unpaid volunteer officers.  Members receive a twice-yearly journal - The Weaver - to which they are also welcome to submit articles and queries.

For further information, please email the Secretary or write to him at the above address, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope or 2 International Reply Coupons.