This page provides links to the personal Family History websites of individual members of the Webb One Name Register and other sites relevant to the WEBB surname.  Members who maintain such sites are welcome to submit details to the webmaster, who will be happy to consider adding links to them.  In return, members are asked to add to their own site a return link to the WONR Homepage (

Webb Surname DNA Project
Established in September 2002, the project makes use of DNA analysis to validate existing lineages and establish new connections.
Vanessa Lopez (member 543)
Vanessa's site includes the life story of her grandmother, Bessie Webb (1902 - 2001), plus her antecedants going back to her grandfather, James Webb (m. Phoebe Moss).
Rosemary Fisher (member 518)
Rosemary's site offers a fascinating and well-written account of her family, the Webbs of Redditch, tracing their origins and business activities over a period of more than 200 years.
Box People and Places
David Rawlings' article traces the early history of the Webb family in the village of Box, Wiltshire.  David is a former member of the Webb One Name Register.